The Most Important Letter Ever Written to Accounting Clients

You must be wondering what makes us claim this as the most important letter ever written to accounting clients. Here are the two prime reasons:

  1. This letter is most timely. Times like this come only every 20-30 years.
  2. I’m confident you’ll agree that the advice given in this letter will solve the most frustrating accounting problem small businesses have been facing for decades.

After reading the letter below, if you decide that you want to be able to give this valuable, timely advice to your business clients and reaffirm your status as their most trusted advisor, then call us at 888-999-1366 to find out how to get started.

DDIY—the Next Big Thing in Accounting

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Dear <<First name>>:

Let me ask you a simple question – do your clients look up to you for good, timely advice that they can use in their businesses?

I’m sure they do, and I’m sure you live up to their expectations.

Now here is the tough question – when was the last time you gave important advice to all your business clients that delighted them?

It’s not important that you may not remember. What’s important is that here’s advice you can give your clients today that will delight them for years to come and reaffirm you as their most trusted advisor:

The advice is simple— DDIY, Don’t-Decide-It-Yourself. Let me help you.”

You must have given this advice many times in the past, but it’s a lot more valuable today for one reason: You may not have heard about the major announcement Brad Smith, Intuit’s CEO, recently made – within the next couple of years, Intuit expects to derive over 70% of its revenues from the cloud.

What this means is that Intuit wants to push you and your clients to use QuickBooks Online. Therefore, it is crucial that you know some important facts.

QuickBooks Online is a very different system than QuickBooks, so obviously it will require a steep learning curve. And what will your clients gain after going through this pain? Virtually nothing!

You know pretty well that doing any accounting work in-house is a major headache for most small business clients. Neither QuickBooks Online nor any other accounting software for that matter can make accounting painless for them. Only you—the accounting professional—can!

Now your firm can eliminate the need for your clients to learn QuickBooks Online, do any accounting work in-house, or manage an accounting or bookkeeping staff.

Wouldn’t most clients jump at this opportunity? You know they would.

Thanks to cloud-based Accounting Power from AccountantsWorld, you can now offer your clients high-quality, complete accounting services without having your clients incur any additional cost—while giving your bottom line a big boost!

What makes this possible? Using Accounting Power, now your staff can do what your clients’ staff does, only better, faster, and more accurately – all without leaving your office


Dr. Chandra Bhansali
Co-founder and CEO

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