Sharada Bhansali, Co-founder of AccountantsWorld, named one of the Top Most Powerful Women in Accounting

Hauppauge, NY, December 18, 2014 – AccountantsWorld, a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for accountants is proud to announce that CPA Practice Advisor has named Sharada Bhansali, Co-founder of AccountantsWorld, one of the Top Most Powerful Women in Accounting. The announcement and awards were presented at The Sleeter Group’s 2014 Accounting Solutions Conference held November 9-12 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

The award reflects the ever increasing number of women involved in the accounting industry and the influence that they have in the development of technology which helps accountants succeed and grow their practices. “This is truly a great honor, not only for me, but for professional women all across the United States. It reflects how the industry has changed, and demonstrates the impact that women have had on all areas of the industry be it technology, research or running their own  business” said Sharada.

Sharada holds a Master’s degree in both Engineering and Mathematics. She has led the development of a new class of “Accountant-Centric” solutions, making a long-lasting, significant contribution to the accounting profession. As an entrepreneur, Sharada has been serving the accounting profession for over 30 years. In 1984, she founded AccountantsWorld’s predecessor, Micro Vision Software, a leading producer of desktop solutions for accounting professionals. Micro Vision’s Tax Relief system was one of the most highly acclaimed professional tax software packages and the first to take full advantage of the Microsoft Windows platform.  Along with her husband, Dr. Chandra Bhansali, Sharada co-founded AccountantsWorld where together they are forging new paths with cutting edge, accounting-centric software such as Accounting Power™, Payroll Relief, Cloud Cabinet, Website Relief, Directory Listing, After-the-Fact Payroll and Practice Relief – all designed specifically for accountants.

About AccountantsWorld
For over 27 years, AccountantsWorld has been the leading provider of cloud-based solutions for accountants. AccountantsWorld offers a complete, integrated suite of innovative accounting, payroll, and practice management solutions to help accountants work collaboratively with clients, foster greater client loyalty, and improve the profitability of their practices. AccountantsWorld is also the only leading cloud solution provider that puts Accountants First™ by never competing with accountants or selling services directly to their clients.

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