Entrepreneurs: Don’t miss this key advice from AccountantsWorld’s Sharada Bhansali

AccountantsWorld co-founder Sharada Bhansali

AccountantsWorld’s co-founder and Executive Vice President, Sharada Bhansali, has authored a chapter in a new E-book about successful, profitable entrepreneurship. The book, “Start With A Profit”, was compiled by Sandra Leyva, CPA, founder of Accountant’s Accelerator. It includes chapters written by a dozen thought leaders in accounting, and is a can’t-miss for prospective or current entrepreneurs looking to gain an edge in their marketplace.

Click here to download your free copy of “Start With A Profit”.

Sharada’s advice covers a wide range of strategies:


  • How to find your niche, and why it’s critical to focus on that niche
  • The importance of “staying the course” with your business strategy
  • How to market effectively with a limited budget
  • And much more


Don’t miss this free e-book, brought to you by Sandra Leyva. Congratulations to Sharada and all of the contributors!

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