AccountantsWorld Welcomes New Director of Practice Development

AccountantsWorld, the leader in cloud-based solutions for accountants, is delighted to announce today the appointment of Hitendra R. Patil as director of practice development.

In this role, Hitendra will be responsible for helping accountants leverage AccountantsWorld’s solutions more powerfully, advancing the company’s leadership in cloud solutions for accountants and positioning the company for its next phase of growth.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be joining AccountantsWorld,” said Hitendra. “What inspired me the most about the company is their deep belief in the role accountants have to create a better world and their genuine commitment to accounting professionals. It is highly fulfilling to align myself with a future-creating organization that is using the cloud to help accountants expand their services, create growth for their practices, nurture stronger bonds with their clients, and experience deeper, professional fulfilment.”

Hitendra has served the accounting profession for over 12 years and the technology-enabled financial services industry for 25 years in numerous capacities across multiple countries. Prior to AccountantsWorld, he worked as the chief operating officer of Pransform, Inc., a processing solutions provider for small- to medium-sized accounting, CPA and tax firms in the U.S. Before joining Pransform, Hitendra was the assistant vice president of global financial services at Viteos Technologies. He’s also the author of the critically acclaimed book, “Accountaneur: The Entrepreneurial Accountant,” devoted to helping accountants become more entrepreneurial in their quest for robust and profitable growth.

“AccountantsWorld’s purpose is unique in putting Accountants First™ as we unflinchingly believe that accountants have immense potential to positively impact lives of their clients. It is a pioneering movement that helps individuals and small business owners enhance their financial lives by better leveraging their most trusted advisors: their accountants,” said Chandra Bhansali, CEO of AccountantsWorld. “To position AccountantsWorld for continued and accelerated growth in the coming years, we needed a passionate leader who shares our belief in the power of accountants. Hitendra brings a strong and unique combination of leadership, highly relevant industry expertise and a deep understanding on how to leverage behavioral science to enhance accountants’ success. He is an ideal addition for strengthening both the success of our accounting partners and our core mission.”

Professionals in the accounting industry are also responding with excitement to the announcement.

“Hitendra has a strong intuitive sense of how technology should empower accounting firms,” said Rick Telberg of CPA Trendlines, a visionary and thought leader in the accounting profession. “As the publisher of his book and his numerous thought-provoking articles at CPA Trendlines for a few years now, I have had the privilege of having extensive interactions with Hitendra. He is laser-focused on delivering his depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to enhance the accounting profession. I am sure that Hitendra will help accountants benefit more from the suite of cloud-based solutions from AccountantsWorld.”

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