Payroll Relief’s new 401(k) program is here! Attend a webinar next week.

As announced in December 2016, Payroll Relief has launched a new “Payroll Relief 401(k) Retirement Program” that you can now offer to your small business payroll clients.

We view this program as both a new revenue stream for each of you, and as another tool to help retain your clients by serving more of their needs. The Payroll Relief 401(k) Program can also help you and your employees save for retirement.

PLUS our program offers you a $1,000 bonus for each referral that closes.

The Payroll Relief 401(k) Retirement Program leverages group pricing and outsourced administration to reduce both cost and complexity. Click here to find more information about the program.

How do I learn more?

We hosted educational webinars in December, but for those of you who haven’t had a chance to learn about the Payroll Relief 401(k) Program, we are pleased to offer two more webinars. To bring you top-notch financial advice on 401(k) plan, Payroll Relief has partnered with Merrill Lynch and a team of Financial Advisors.

The 20-minute webinar will introduce you to the Payroll Relief 401(k) Retirement program and explain how it’s different from other 401(k) offerings available to small businesses.

Here are the dates and times:

Wednesday 1/11- 2:00 PM EST– Click here to add to your calendar
Thursday 1/12- 2:00 PM ESTClick here to add to your calendar

Please click the link to select your preferred webinar time.

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