Accounting Power earns 4.75 stars from CPA Practice Advisor

Accounting Power, the cloud-based professional accounting system from AccountantsWorld, has just earned a near-perfect 4.75 stars from CPA Practice Advisor.

Some of the highlights of the review:

“Accounting Power is fully customizable, with users able to customize the system for each individual client, depending on the client’s experience, needs and abilities to provide more experienced clients with collaborative access to system functions and features, while maintaining more control of clients with less experience. Using Accounting Power results in significantly ‘Less Mess’ in clients’ books.

Accounting Power makes it easy to handle multiple clients, providing users with features such as the Client Snapshot, which provides a brief overview of each client and their unique needs, and the fully customizable Dashboard, where users can access more detail about each client, with graphs and links included for each client. All transactions are posted in real time, so client data, including ledgers and reports, always reflect the most recent data.”

To help accountants provide higher-value advisory services, Accounting Power offers excellent analytic capability, with users able to access a Performance Analysis report for each client that includes key performance indicators, including income versus expense, cash balances, projected cash balances and current and expected income and expense trends.”

Accounting Power offers good reporting capability including completely customized financial statements that are designed specifically for each client. The comparative financial statement option allows accountants to create client financial statements that display vital information, such as current versus prior period totals, with up to four years to compare. “

About Accounting Power

The professional Accounting Power system was created to channel the full power of the cloud to give accountants better control over client accounting. Our approach to client accounting is the opposite of other accounting systems, which are created primarily for small businesses and sold directly to them. 

Accounting Power is a fully unified system for professional accountants and their clients, and includes all of the following functionality:

With Accounting Power you can:

–        eliminate the challenges you currently face in client accounting

–        easily customize your accounting services to the needs of each client

–        add more value to clients’ businesses and make your accounting practice highly profitable


Schedule a no-obligation live demo of Accounting Power to learn how it can transform your accounting practice. 

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