AccountantsWorld Launches New Payroll Relief Mobile App

HAUPPAUGE, N.Y., 10/7/2020— AccountantsWorld has launched its new Payroll Relief Mobile App, available for Apple iOS and Android mobile devices at no charge. This companion app to the company’s award-winning Payroll Relief software solution provides critical process-improving functionality for firms and employers on the go.

“We first introduced the Mobile App to a select group of industry experts who were highly impressed with its scope and functionality,” said Sharada Bhansali, Co-founder and President, AccountantsWorld. “The Mobile App will significantly improve existing payroll processes and facilitate innovative new processes, making it an essential tool for streamlining payroll processing and improving efficiencies for firms.”

The Payroll Relief Mobile App makes it much easier for firms and employers to manage their payroll tasks and react promptly to items requiring their immediate attention. Features and benefits include the following: 

  • The Mobile App facilitates several important push notifications for firms, including NSF, rejected compliance forms, EFT applications signed by clients, EFT applications marked incomplete, and payroll entry completed by the employer. For employers, these push notifications include NSF, funds required, payroll reminders, and more.  
  • Firms will appreciate the Payroll Processing Center, which provides staff with a prioritized list of payrolls that need to be processed, giving them a clear picture of their work on the go.  
  • The Mobile App also improves other processes like payroll data entry and approvals, by giving users an intuitive user interface for quick and convenient payroll entry and processing from any mobile device.  
  • It also alleviates the stress and confusion of compliance time as firms and employers prepare to file their returns. Its powerful and intuitive functionality to E-File improves the processes and timeliness of filings.  
  • Last, but not least, firms and employers have access to their dashboard, showing critical data like funds required, NSF, payrolls to process, and much more.  

Easily download the App by searching for “Payroll Relief” from the Play Store for Android phone/tablet users, or the App Store for Apple users. For more information about the Payroll Relief Mobile App or any of AccountantsWorld’s other products and services, please go to or call 888-999-1366 for a no-cost, no-obligation consultation.

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